Area Music Libraries


2 Responses to “Area Music Libraries”

  1. Allie Ryan Says:

    My husband inherited a 4 x 4 foot cube of lyrics hand-written or typed with periodically art adorning the sheet plus a computer w/more lyrics, never printed from his band mate Zak, a 80 year old punk rocker. Zak’s lyrics date back to the 1930s and his rhyme, choice of words, subject matter, even tempo reflect the decades he lived in. Which NYC library(s) would possibly interested in this extraordinary archive of songs? Zak was profiled by NBC and his obit was in the NYTimes. I think he was a New Yorker through and though.
    This archives appears to be organized & meticulously kept.
    Thank you,

    • GNYMLA Says:


      I’m not sure if anyone ever replied to your comment – apologies! Seems that the web site didn’t forward this message.
      If you are still seeking a home for this material, you might try NYU, which collects “Downtown” and alternative arts materials, and possibly also NYPL. Hope this helps… best, /Nick Patterson

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