Meeting Minutes – 2010-11-09

Meeting Minutes, GNYMLA Business Meeting, November 9th, 2010
Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ

Chair Andy Toulas opened the meeting.

1. ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE – Andy gave an overview of the current administrative structure of the GNYMLA chapter, with a view towards the upcoming election of a new slate of chapter officers, which would take place around the Spring/Summer chapter 2011 meeting.

He asked members for input on possible alternatives to the current
structure, to address two issues: 1) difficulty in getting members to
stand for office, and 2) a break in administrative continuity, when all
three officers are replaced at the same time.

Some other chapters have alternate structures with staggered
elections for different offices. Nick Patterson (sec’y-treasurer) offered
to contact local chapters to prepare a summary of their practices, which could help inform our membership as we discuss this issue.

Andy asked if members would please continue this discussion through facebook or the listserv. It was mentioned that the more ideas that we can gather, the better we will be able to fine tune the administrative election and governing process to our specific needs.

2. MUSIC SCORES BINDING COSTS AND DIGITAL EDITIONS – Andy raised the issue of processing costs for binding music, and asked for member input on what these costs are. He is working with MOLA (Major Orchestra Librarians Organization) and the MPA (Music Publishers Association) on the issues related to the rising costs of processing fees, and how publishers can help us reduce these costs.

Included in this discussion was the possibility of publishers providing single part replacement, providing digital scores that also include parts, and the idea of “a la carte” sales for music scores, as offered by digital audio services such as iTunes. The online sheet music database Freehand Music (a pay service) was mentioned, but there is some concern about the quality of editions offered. The issues of moving from an ownership model to a licensing model for scores was also raised.

3. MEMBERSHIP REMINDER – Nick Patterson reminded the group that not all members are currently in good standing for the 2010-11 membership year, which runs from July 2010-June 2011. Members can renew by mailing the renewal form and a check for $10. Information and the renewal form are available at this link:

If you need to check on your current membership status, please email Nick Patterson at

4. TREASURER’S REPORT – (appended to minutes, as meeting ran out of time)

– current Chapter account balance as of October 31, 2010: $3,439.07
(before catering costs for fall meeting)
– PayPal option for membership payments planned for 2011
– Bank of America may begin charging monthly fees – waiver, or
alternatives, will be investigated

5. THANKS was expressed to Mi-Hye Chun, Bob Terrio and participating staff in organizing and hosting the meeting, and presenting a great program of activities, including a tour of Talbott Library, a rehearsal of the choir, a peek at the American Organ Archives, and an afternoon visit to the ReCAP offsite storage facility.

minutes prepared by Nick Patterson, 11/15/10


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