Meeting Minutes – 2009-12-04

Minutes for GNYMLA business meeting 12/4/09 – The Juilliard School Library, New York, NY

1. Introductions – new Officers announced: Andy Toulas (Chair), Barabara Walzer (Vice-Chair), Nick Patterson (Secretary/Treasurer and Webmaster)

2. Andy Toulas (Chair) led a discussion on digitization of LP content, and the possibility of sharing resources to avoid duplication of work. Some sites are doing limited digitization, principally for reserves, although some may digitize to replace missing or damaged portions of recordings. Few sites seem to be retaining and/or permanently cataloging the digitized material. It was pointed out that a good-quality digitization of an LP is very labor- and time-intensive, and also requires a level of staff expertise, including good ears.

There was a discussion of the possibility of sharing digitized material, to avoid duplication of effort. Some doubts were expressed that entire digitized tracks or LPs could be shared without running afoul of copyright restrictions. The sense was that this is a complex area and further investigation might be needed. Gary Thal pointed out that the NY ARSC chapter often hosts relevant speakers on this topic, and mentioned in particular Tim Brooks. ARSC has been active in advocating for change in copyright legislation to ease restrictions on non-commercial use of recordings.

3. Andy Toulas raised the idea of having more frequent and less formal meetings, not restricted to the “tour a facility” format that has been the norm. Suggestions were made for meeting in less formal venues, such as bars, and for focusing meetings on specific topics, perhaps with speakers, in a manner similar to the programs that the NY ARSC meeting offers. One benefit of more frequent and less formal meetings might be increased communications and sense of camaraderie. It was suggested that perhaps a way to begin would be to propose an event/program and see how turnout was. Toulas also announced plans for a GNYMLA Facebook page, and asked for volunteers interested in helping to maintain this. An informal head-count was conducted on who planned to attend the MLA 2010
San Diego meeting; several attendees plan to go.

4. Barbara Walzer (Vice-Chair) announced the optional plans for dinner and subsequent dance performance at Juilliard’s Peter Jay Sharp theater, and led all attendees in expressing thanks and appreciation for the efforts of Jane Gottlieb in hosting the meeting, and in arranging the tour of (and presentation on) the Juilliard Manuscripts Collection and the renovated facilities at Juilliard.

5. Nick Patterson (Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster) reminded attendees to bring their annual dues (still only $10!) up to date for 2009-2010. The updated membership/renewal form is now available on the GNYMLA web site ( Please send all checks to Nick Patterson at the address listed on the form. Questions concerning membership and dues can be sent to him at

Patterson gave some updates on the web site. The old web site has been re-directed to the new site; all traffic should now come to the new site. Migration of old newsletter content is ongoing. Attendees were asked to contact him with any ideas on content they would like to see up on the GNYMLA site. The national MLA site has granted us server space, and the site will migrate there in the coming year.

Minutes by Nick Patterson 12/7/09


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