Meeting Minutes – 2011-02-10

GNYMLA – MLA 2011 Local Chapter Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
Thursday, 2/10/11


The Greater New York MLA chapter met at the MLA 2011 annual meeting in Philadelphia. There was a substantial turnout (29 people signed in, and a few more attended).

Chair Andy Toulas opened the meeting.

1) Andy summarized info from the panel he co-presented earlier, with
members from MOLA and MPA, on music binding and replacement costs and possible digital options.

2) Andy opened a discussion on GNYMLA’s administrative structure. The issue is that GNYMLA’s election cycle has all chapter officers elected at the same time. This hurts continuity and makes it more difficult for incoming new officers to benefit from working with previous or current officers. Nick Patterson (sec’y-treasurer) distributed information gathered on other chapters’ practices re: elections and administrative structures. GNYMLA is the only chapter that does not stagger elections so that not all officers start/leave at the same time. The group discussed some of the pros and cons of various approaches. Members were invited to continue the discussion on the GNYMLA listerv and Facebook page, if desired. The goal is to get the changes made in time for the upcoming election cycle.

3) Nick made the Treasurer’s report. Current balance as of 2/10/11 was $3,341,42. He plans to implement a PayPal option for membership payments, but some bank fees have delayed implementation for the time being. It should be in place for the upcoming summer meeting (and new membership year, which will begin 7/1/11).

Nick recommended to the group that we offer a student membership (at $5.00) and an institutional membership (at $15.00), similar to what other chapters offer. Three new members were added between the Fall and the February meeting, and five members renewed for the current year in person at the meeting.

4) The group discussed making a gift to the MLA’s Hill-O’Meara Fund, in honor of Joe Boonin. After discussion of the amount, the group agreed to make a gift of $500 to that fund.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Nick Patterson (sec’y-treasurer) on 3/31/11.


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