Meeting Minutes – 2011-06-08

GNYMLA Spring/Summer 2011 Meeting – Minutes

The Spring/Summer meeting of the GNYMLA chapter was held at The Morgan Library, on Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

1. Tour and presentation by Fran Barulich

A tour of the Pierpont Morgan 1906 Library, including commentary on an exhibition of music manuscripts, was provided by Fran Barulich, the Mary Flagler Cary curator of music manuscripts & printed music at the Morgan, who kindly hosted the chapter meeting.

Fran then gave a presentation on the Morgan’s Music Manuscripts Online digital collection ( providing an inside look at the workflow, infrastructure, staff, and planning that brought the project to fruition.

Many thanks to Fran for an entertaining and informative tour and presentation!

2. Chapter business meeting

The chapter then met for its business meeting. Andy Toulas (Chair) brought the meeting to order. The meeting minutes for the previous chapter meeting, at MLA 2011 in Philadelphia, were approved.

Barbara Walzer (Vice-Chair) announced her retirement in June 2011 as Music Librarian at Sarah Lawrence College, and introduced her replacement, Charlotte Price. She also mentioned an upcoming Naxos recording of works by Chester Biscardi, including “In Time’s Unfolding”, which was written in 2001 for the 70th anniversaryof the MLA (Naxos 8.559639). Andy, and the group, thanked Barbara for her service and participation in the GNYMLA chapter.

Andy then brought up the proposed changes to the chapter by-laws, concerning the elections of chapter officers. After a survey of other chapters’ practices in this area, and a discussion begun at the 2011 MLA chapter meeting in Philadelphia, the proposal was made to change the timetable for elections, so that elections for officers would be staggered, rather than all held in the same year, and all officers would serve terms of 3 years.

This would result in the following election schedule:

  • Vice-Chair (2011/12)
  • Chair (2012/13)
  • Sec’y-Treasurer (2013/14)

To effect the transition to the new schedule, the following interim changes were proposed:

  • Andy will serve an additional year as Chair, until the 2012/13 election
  • A Sec’y-Treasurer will be elected to a special 2-year term, until the 2013/14 election

(If there is no candidate for Sec’y-Treasurer this year, Nick offers to serve an additional year if needed, in which case there would be an election in 2012/13 for a Sec’y-Treasurer for a special 1-year term, until the 2013/14 election.)

The group discussed the proposal. A comment was made that the language in the by-laws needs to be changed to specify that officers may not serve two full consecutive terms, which will allow for the occasional need for ad-hoc elections for unexpected vacancies, and for the current transition. The group was in agreement with that addition to the proposed changes. A motion was made to vote on the revised proposed changes; it was seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

The specific final language of the change to the by-laws is:

“Article IV, Section 3: The term of office shall be three years with a staggered election so that one officer is elected per year to replace an expiring full term. There is no limit to the number of times a person may be elected to the same office, but no one may serve two successive full terms”

Andy announced the members of the current nominating committee, Sally Bauer, Bob Kosovsky, and Janet Weaver. Details will follow soon on the upcoming election.

Nick Patterson (Sec’y-Treasurer) submitted the treasurer’s report, and reminded the group about renewing their membership for 2011-2012.

Thanks were offered to Fran for hosting the meeting. The business meeting was adjourned, and members gathered for lunch in small groups in the cafe.

Minutes submitted by Nick Patterson (Sec’y-Treas.) Please contact me (patterson (at) with any additions or corrections.


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